Another Day Poorer

As I said yesterday, my air conditioner was about to die. I came home to a very hot house, so it was lucky today was the scheduled day. It took two guys 3-1/2 hours to replace the compressor and evaporator coil unit. I am keeping my old thermostat because it’s expensive and awesome. This unit is theoretically quieter but it blows a lot harder so it makes more noise. When they first turned it on, it blew all sorts of crap out all of the vents. Odd since not that long ago I had all-new ducts put in. Oh well. Anyway, I am much, much poorer.

Tomorrow is skating, breakfast, and then a game. Sunday is Art Miami (part of Art Basel) with Karen. Am looking forward to a busy weekend. And tonight, the series finale of Monk.

Today at work they went to Palacio De Los Jugos which is legendary for their fresh fruit juice. I have a passion for watermelon juice, but outside of the Bellagio’s weekend buffet in Las Vegas or a trip to China, I rarely have it. Earlier this year, someone brought me one from here and it was awesome. Today, they planned to go, I gave them money and for $6 I got a half gallon of it. It’s almost gone, and I am mightily satisfied with it.

I need to thank Jose for pulling my ass out of the phpBB disaster. He started over from scratch and did a diff from my style to the new one. He sent it to me, and I installed it and couldn’t get it to work. Now I’ve been using phpBB a long, long time, and have installed styles, emoticons, and everything else. I’ve done custom phpBB mods and my point is I’m not dumb with this. And Jose is way better at it than I’ll ever be. I even installed one of the official themes and that wouldn’t work either. As it turns out, if you have an old theme installed it won’t let you use the new theme. It shows, it’s marked in use, and even flagged as default but it keeps giving you the old theme. No matter what. If you’re running a board, you need to tell your users to clear their browser cache. While testing, Jose gave me this very useful Firefox extension called CookiePie. It lets you keep two sets of cookies so you can test things without using two separate browsers, which is what I was doing.  So, a special thank you to Jose. I have rewarded him with a surprise from his Amazon wish list. And a shout out to the guy at for additional assistance in getting to the right place. Come on over to our boards. Join up, post, have fun; while it’s primarily for hockey fans, there are areas on other subjects too.

In today’s bizarre news, Oakland International Airport (OAK) has issued a directive that passengers with under 8oz of cannabis (marijuana) are to be allowed through security as long as it appears they have legitimate need for it. Read more in the San Jose Mercury News. Please note, if you smoke it at the airport, you will still be arrested: federal rules apply. This just means you can carry it.

I mentioned the Xmarks browser plug-in (Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer) in a previous blog post. I must tell you it’s amazingly awesome. You need this if you have more than one computer. I want to pay for it, but it’s free.

Sue sent me some Tiger jokes and this one deserves to go in the blog: What does Tiger Woods have in common with baby seals? They both get clubbed by Norwegians. That is brutal. Awesomely brutal.

Here’s a great article I got from someone at work. The positive power of activism
is what it’s called and also about. It’s proof you can make a change. Every now and then I need a happy item. This is it.

TfL have posted more on their 2010 fares. Damn, it’s getting expensive.

The UK’s Ministry of Defence has closed its UFO investigation division after 50 years saying In a statement, the MoD said it had “no opinion on the existence or otherwise of extra-terrestrial life. In over 50 years, no UFO report has revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom.” So, what they’re saying is they’ve determined that the UFO reports have not indicated any threat but they’re not going to admit those UFOs that aren’t a threat exist. It’s coming. You’ll see.

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