April Fool’s Day 2010

Today’s been a busy day on the Internet with April Fool’s jokes though this year’s crop is less than stellar on average. One of the more amusing ran in London’s Telegraph newspaper revealing that Virgin Media uses ferrets as the key to bridge the digital divide. Many major news outlets ran articles on everyone else’s jokes. Some of the better ones included Kodak’s with the scratch and sniff photographs, ABC which had promos for fake shows (including LOST luggage), XKCD running a command line interface, YouTube serving videos in text format. Google, which is usually a riot, is definitely on the wane here, their sole worthwhile effort being the button on Google Books and Google Maps that converts the page to 3D (REALLY WORKS but red and blue glasses required). The best joke of the day that was perpetrated on me — so far anyway — was from Pablo who told everyone his car was stolen.

My cough got the best of me last night and I called the doctor today. He’s given me more cough syrup and a higher dose of the same shit that’s not working now.

Making the rounds and not an April Fool’s joke (sadly) is Congressman Hank Johnson expressing concern that adding 8,000 more people to the population of Guam will cause the island to tip over. No, really. Island. Will. Tip. Over. This is better than April Fool’s.

Since we’re on politics, these people are terrifying. They’ve clearly lost a grip on reality and this sign is beyond offensive in the worst possible way. Teabaggers, indeed.

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