765th post

According to Blogger we’re at 765 posts and counting, this one included. It includes all posts whether or not consequential so if I made two posts in one day that are short, they’re still two posts. But you don’t care about that, and neither do. I’m waiting on 1,000 🙂 

I’m at 247,000 hits and counting. That’s more interesting to me. My income from this site is well under $300 since inception over 5 years ago 24 October 2009, so it’s good I never intended this as a source of income.

Xmarks. It’s still awesome. I’ve figured out how to keep my personal items (financial) off my work machine and vice versa. You have to do it from your account on their website by clicking share, and selecting which computers see which folders. Then, you have to remove the offending folder from the machines in question. They answered my email and said they do take donations at this URL, so I immediately sent one.

For all you security-minded people who are into biometric scanning as a way to prevent people from scamming your payroll or homeland security systems, I direct you to this article in which a Chinese woman managed to enter Japan illegally by having plastic surgery to alter her fingerprints, thus fooling immigration controls, police claim. So, that means our multi-billion dollar system of fingerprinting everyone who comes into the USA who isn’t a citizen is worth how much? Zero. Yes, fantastically secure, isn’t it? So much for stopping terrorists.

This article will expire in a few days, becoming paid instead of free. Read it while you can. Many of you will have bought from this company called Oriental Trading. It’s where many of the members of the Umbrella Hat Society got their hats. (You should join — it’s free.) Anyway, the owner of the company is bankrupt and facing felony fraud charges after losing $127 million ($127,000,000) in a casino chain — accounting for 5.5% of their earnings — and defaulting on most of that debt. In Nevada defaulting on a gaming debt is a very, very serious crime. In many other states, gambling debts are not even legally enforceable. It’s a great read if you have time. If the casino has to write that off, it’ll be a significant downtick on next year’s earnings. I find it interesting that Wynn Casinos stopped the guy from gambling there because he had a problem. Casinos are required by law to stop inebriated persons and persons with clear gambling problems from playing. Wow. Drunk people gambling in Vegas. Never seen it. Ever. As if. Half the people who play are three sheets to the wind, so if you get stopped, you’re truly toasted. Thanks to Paul for sharing this.

I’ve been on many tube trips in London over the years. Hundreds. I’ve seen dogs, pigeons, mice, rats, and flies in the trains, tunnels, and stations over the years. One station has a resident station cat. What I have never seen is a fox on an escalator. That’s just silly. Foxes don’t ride escalators in tube stations. Apparently this fox did not get the memo. The photos alone are worth clicking through. Oh, and I broke 900,000 Work Units on Seti@Home. Steve has over 1.8 million. Rat Bastard. Susie has over 400,000 and Adrian over 700,000.

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