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765th post

According to Blogger we’re at 765 posts and counting, this one included. It includes all posts whether or not consequential so if I made two posts in one day that are short, they’re still two posts. But you don’t care about that, and neither do. I’m waiting on 1,000 🙂  I’m at 247,000 hits and […]

Foreclosures Lead to Abandoned Animals

That subject line above comes from an AP report today. I shouldn’t have read it because it was so upsetting, but I did. And now I feel compelled the misery with you, my loyal reader(s). I wish to point out how scummy humankind is. Though against the death penalty, I will make exceptions for anyone […]

The cutest polar bear cub in the universe, Knut

The cutest polar bear cub in the universe, Knut, is sick today, but more on that after I share his story. First here’s a short 1 minute flash video on the Berlin Zoo‘s website English). What’s shocking is that animal rights activists wanted him killed. Even star photographer Annie Leibovitz has photographed this adorable baby […]