The cutest polar bear cub in the universe, Knut

The cutest polar bear cub in the universe, Knut, is sick today, but more on that after I share his story. First here’s a short 1 minute flash video on the Berlin Zoo‘s website English). What’s shocking is that animal rights activists wanted him killed. Even star photographer Annie Leibovitz has photographed this adorable baby bear. But, as I said, not everyone loves the cute little polar bear.

Animal rights activists want him put to sleep because he has been raised on a bottle. “Raising him by hand is not appropriate to the species but rather a blatant violation of animal welfare laws,” animal rights activist Frank Albrecht told the German mass circulation newspaper Bild. The idea isn’t as outlandish as it may at first seem. Baby zoo animals have been killed for the same reason in the past. When it comes to Knut, it is likely that clearer heads will prevail. Wolfgang Apel, head of the German Animal Protection League, called for Knut to be saved. “Making bears into humans has to stop as soon as possible, but we cannot put him to sleep. He has a right to live.”

The zoo reports that adorable little Knut is starting to become a bit of a handful as he gets bigger — suggesting that the bear is maybe not as human as people fear. “The many bruises that his keeper has shown that Knut has discovered he is a bear,” said Heiner Klaus, the zoo’s manager. Keeper Thomas Darflein has raised Knut, on a bottle since the cub was rejected by his mother at birth.

The Berlin Zoo on Monday said Knut, the cuddly polar bear cub that has become a media superstar, had fallen ill and was being treated with antibiotics, and as a result, the four-month-old bear’s first public appearance of the day was cut short because he was not feeling well. Klaus said the ailment was not serious, adding that Knut had taken a nap after the drugs were administered. You may also view Knut’s photo gallery. Here’s a Reuter’s video of Knut. I’d kidnap him and take him home, but Florida’s too hot for a bear and Scooter would probably object anyway. Lastly, Knut has a blog in German but you’ll be able to figure it out, so surf over anyway.

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