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Bitches Deserving To Die

Some people stain the planet by their mere presence. This bitch is one such miserable cretin who is a shit-stain on the reputation of humankind. The only justice in this would be that her own son finally turned her in after she forced her own children into torturing animals. If you like animals, you probably […]

Blu-Ray Phasers and Classic Advertising

Today is laundry day. And it’s also a football weekend. The Cowboys lost and that is an awesome thing because I hate them but on the other hand it was to Minnesota, who I used to like. Until they got Brett “Whiny Bitch” Farve, who I can’t stand. The Jets and Colts both won and […]

Panther Fan Flashes Camera

A lot of people are hitting my blog looking for the above phrase. I am not sure why it’s matching because until I wrote this, there’s nothing related to it on my blog. However, the unofficial message board does have a thread on it. The official message board, apparently, thinks discussing fan behaviour and flashing […]