Blu-Ray Phasers and Classic Advertising

Today is laundry day. And it’s also a football weekend. The Cowboys lost and that is an awesome thing because I hate them but on the other hand it was to Minnesota, who I used to like. Until they got Brett “Whiny Bitch” Farve, who I can’t stand. The Jets and Colts both won and that sucks because I hate them. Arizona lost to New Orleans and I just don’t care.

I got a new digital camera today and will shortly be giving away my old one to any friend that wants it. Details privately. It’s not a big upgrade really, but it was a sweet deal on a new Kodak Z915 10MPX camera and my old one was a 7MPX Sony Cybershot DSC659 which has given me nearly four years of awesome service. So far, my only complaint is that the Sony could mount directly on the Mac desktop and the Kodak can’t which is a stupid design flaw, but I can fake it using Image Capture (standard on all Macs). While you can use iPhoto, it won’t let you add/delete pictures from the camera directly.

Paul is once again trying to get me to adopt one of his cats. I turned him down because I am still not ready for many reasons. Enough said. A shout out to Christin Keck who has had her book self-published though Amazon’s CreateSpace. I haven’t read either of these, but she’s a good writer and tells a good tale. So you can check it out if you’d like. Another long piece, by way of John Carney, on the late-night wars which makes some salient points but mostly rambles on far too long. Just trying to give equal time to all sides on this topic. Suzie-Q shares this link which has tons of vintage Apple Computer ads (Apple I, II, IIc, and even one Mac ad. No Lisa, Apple /// or such ads though.) You may find it educational or reminder of your age. View at your own peril, though seeing how some of those people are dressed may be worth a click on your broadband connection.

Here’s another cool link from Dan (I think). Someone took a model of a Classic Star Trek Phaser, and then installed a sound oscillator so it makes noise. After that they installed the optics from a Blu-Ray player and, voilà, you have a phaser that really works. This video shows it blowing balloons apart. You can do it at home, too. He’s got links to the instructions from his website. Keep in mind that, in theory, weaponizing this, may be a serious crime in your jurisdiction. But the cool factor is awesome. Broadband recommended before clicking the instructional links.

I am so sick of you. That ‘you’ refers to those of you who continue to forward shit to me that’s comprised of lies, mistruths, and so on. Any email that says “send this to XX people” is guaranteed to be a fraud. I always refer people to a fine bastion of unbiased facts on many of the items circulating in your inbox. I also send people to for the more pedestrian items. Sadly, even these sites are victim to the shite covering the internet. Here’s a great article on about — keep in mind, both sites cite facts with references. Wikipedia is never acceptable as a source of “facts” because there are tons of errors, though it is extraordinarily useful in a general way.

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