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Disturbing Stuff and Other Stuff :)

My blog started 17 October 2004. That is five years ago almost. I’ve never restricted access to my blog. Until today. There has been some very unusual activity coming from a very specific IP address. That IP address has been blocked. I won’t share the IP but I’m sure the person will figure out he/she […]

Let The Fun Begin

So, I called the dentist this morning because, of all the things that hurt, not being able to chew is the worst. My right and left teeth (one from the back not counting the wisdom) hurt like hell. Left is temperature sensitive and right is pressure sensitive. This wasn’t a problem before the accident. The […]

Je Déteste Le Dentiste et les chaussettes humides

Oh, how I dislike going to the dentist. I’ve been putting it off for weeks. Finally, at work today, it was too much. I called the dentist’s office and asked when they could see me. “Right now” or on Tuesday. I asked exactly when “right now” was and they meant RIGHT NOW. So, I jumped […]