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Dick Cheney Is Right….

…. Yeah, for a change. Maybe for the first time. He called Barack Obama a one-term president and I think he’s going to be proven right. The Economist Magazine is calling him a failure in its latest issue though they certain feel he can change this still. If there were an election today with Obama […]

Let’s Buy Dick Cheney a Cheeseburger

Some clever chap has a brilliant idea which I am very keen on. This person states “I hereby declare April 13, 2007, is National Buy Dick Cheney a Cheeseburger Day. Millions of Americans will buy cheeseburgers, consume them, and then mail their receipts to Vice President Dick Cheney, to encourage him to chow down or […]

Cheney, Quail, Bush, Guns.

Actor/writer Steve Martin on The Huffington Post , took a satirical view of the recent shooting by our vice-dunderhead and bumberclod, Dick(less) Cheney. “Vice President Dick Cheney, while hunting wild geese in the Rose Garden, accidentally shot President Bush twice, once in the heart and once in the head. ‘I didn’t really shoot the President […]