Let’s Buy Dick Cheney a Cheeseburger

Some clever chap has a brilliant idea which I am very keen on. This person states “I hereby declare April 13, 2007, is National Buy Dick Cheney a Cheeseburger Day. Millions of Americans will buy cheeseburgers, consume them, and then mail their receipts to Vice President Dick Cheney, to encourage him to chow down or celebrate the fact he can’t.”

It’s rather amusing, trying to kill-off Mr. Cheney this way. Would that it works. In the blog, he provides full details. Though, I might suggest directly sending them to Mr. Cheney as follows:

Big Dick Cheney
1 Observatory Circle NW
Washington, DC 20008

You can buy also buy gift cards/certificates/vouchers at either http://www.bk.com and http://www.mcdonalds.com/usa/shop/certificates.html — perhaps you wish to get a card and use it all up except one or two cents and then mail in the gift-card as well.

I wish this guy wasn’t anonymous because I’d like to thank him for giving me this little bit of joy, just before tax day coincidentally.

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