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Randomness Part Sept

First, a shout out to David Higgins for this awesome video of Pan American Airlines transatlantic flights back in the days when flying was enjoyable. Woe is us for modern air travel. Spend the 12-1/2 minutes and watch this promotional film. It’s a hoot, a gas, and so forth. I spent quite a few dollars […]

Lost Explained, Plumbers, Travertine Marble, and Macs

There have been so many theories on LOST, I’ve lost track. This one which I found via Stumble-Upon today is absolutely stellar. It works. Makes sense. It’s a very long post so make sure you have time to read and think. It’s got some holes but I really, really, like this one. Today, the plumber […]

A Lizard in the Works

Yeah, the title is a tip-o-the-hat to “Spanner in the Works” but it’s also just what happened. I’ve been crabby all day because I barely slept a wink last night after a short night the previous night. I’m sore, tired, and miserable. So what’s the story? Ah, yes, glad you asked. Last night, around 9ish, […]

Dripping Shit, the plumber’s tale

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, there came a dripping at the ceiling’s tile. Right. Enough Poe, I agree. So about six months ago, I found a small water-stain in my living room ceiling, about the size of a nickel. It looked old, so I ignored it, and then finally […]