Randomness Part Sept

First, a shout out to David Higgins for this awesome video of Pan American Airlines transatlantic flights back in the days when flying was enjoyable.

Woe is us for modern air travel. Spend the 12-1/2 minutes and watch this promotional film. It’s a hoot, a gas, and so forth.

I spent quite a few dollars ($3.25) on tolls today. It’s Adrian’s fault. I am going to buy a tire jack and beat him senseless with it. It won’t take long to beat him there as he’s almost there already. We finally had breakfast, but it took a while due to the fact Adrian thinks feeding cats is complicated and takes 20 minutes.

Skated today. Yay skating. Only got an hour in, though. After which I got gas at the world’s slowest pump. The pump at the Hammocks Mobil took 11 minutes to pump 17.5 gallons.

We saw Spiderwick Chronicles. The concept was good, and I didn’t hate it but the acting was absolutely atrocious from everyone except the old Lucy. Ham. Lots of ham. But not a bad movie if you can get past the Over Emoting style of acting.

I finished “Little Tom of England” by Madeline Brandeis. Not a good book by any measure but it’s entirely quaint and a satisfying read nonetheless. I made sure to drag this out over two months for the sheer pleasure of it, though it is, at best, a 45-minute read. (Edit: Mom, who gave me this book, reminded me to tell everyone this book was published in 1935.)

I am now home doing laundry. I might do my tax preparation today if I can get motivated. If not, I’ll just screw around on the computer instead of working. Which shall it be?

I have an upcoming trade show in Las Vegas in early May. Austri may be joining me 🙂

Last week I replaced all the switch plate and electrical outlet covers. Gone are the standard off-white ones in every home and installed are brushed chrome and/or brushed pewter models. They look good. They’re all done except the phone jacks (too much work, but I’ll get there) and the stuff behind furniture. My meteorite (see Flickr) has a case and stand now in glass and faux-pewter wood. Very nice.

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