Randomness Part Eight

What a weekend. The Panthers won Friday and Sunday giving us a total of four wins in a row. Yay, Panthers.

Next up, I’m sitting in Thomas’ car on Sunday and he’s driving. We’re both wearing seat belts. Though I often give him crap for his driving, he’s a pretty good (i.e.: very cautious) driver. So Saturday afternoon at around 310pm, we’re leaving Office Depot, and he stops at a stop sign. He starts to go, but someone comes flying by at warp 30 in a car, so he stops again. They pass. He’s in the process of looking both ways when some lady in a Black Honda Accord rear ends us at a high rate of speed causing us to lurch forward about 6 to 10 feet. We both get out and survey the damage — most of which is to Thomas’ car. They trade insurance info, though Timmy fails to get her driver’s license number, and I got down her tag number. They decide not to call the cops. Thomas is fine, me not so much. As they’re wrapping up, I notice my neck is unusually sore on the left side where it joins the shoulder.

Thomas goes home (a five-minute drive) and calls his insurance agent and their insurance agent. They want to talk to me since I’m injured. They ask me for my auto insurance details. Really. I refuse to provide it since I was not driving, and my car was not present. I hate this already. In other news, gets worse as the hours tick by. I try to ignore it because that’s how I am. Today it hurts more, sore to the touch. My back hurts a little and my right hip a lot.

Adrian cancelled skating on me today, which is probably for the best anyway. I went grocery shopping and then to Walgreens for some drugs. Yay, drugs. Doing laundry now.

Watched some of the Pens vs Capitals game on TV and some stuff on the science channel. I did a great deal of work my tax packet. I hate taxes. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE. So much work.

Had dinner with Jason last week. That was fun to see him, Jenny, and Erica again. We really have to do that more often.

UK newspapers such as the Daily Mail and the Telegraph are reporting yesterday and today on an expected deal between Sir Paul McCartney and Apple, Inc. to bring the Beatles catalog to iTunes. According to the Telegraph, the deal could be worth as much as £300 million. An Apple Corps label spokesperson said that the date “has not yet been set.” The deal has been much delayed. But industry insiders say that by the end of the year fans using iTunes will be able to buy songs from albums such as Help! and Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Former hits from albums such as Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the White Album, and Help are expected to top the download charts for several months on release. I envision the long rumoured Yellow Submarine iPod which I will purchase on opening day because I must own one.

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