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I haven’t used this word today and decided I would. Thanks, as always, to Lewis Carroll for this bon mot. It’s a good word and always at home on the memo line of a cheque. Sometimes 13 is good. Or 12. I’ll have to consult with Jose on that. For those who do not want to […]

Atrocity In The Name Of Food and many other ramblings including iPod and Beatles

If you are squeamish, you will wish to skip this paragraph — the links are horrifically graphic. This report is available on AP, CBS, and many other news services and it’s absolutely disgusting and appalling. NewsBlaze and CBS . The bottom line is that approximately 150,000 baby chickens are ground to death in meat grinders […]

Randomness Part Eight

What a weekend. The Panthers won Friday and Sunday giving us a total of four wins in a row. Yay, Panthers. Next up, I’m sitting in Thomas’ car on Sunday and he’s driving. We’re both wearing seat belts. Though I often give him crap for his driving, he’s a pretty good (i.e.: very cautious) driver. […]

Apple, Beatles Label Plan Announcement Today

EMI Group PLC (the Beatles’ record Label) said Sunday it planned to unveil “an exciting new digital offering” with computer company Apple, raising expectations that The Beatles’ music catalog is about to be made available through Apple’s iTunes online music store. Apple’s attempts to make the Beatles available on iTunes were hampered by a long-running […]

Music and the 1 Terabyte Hard Drive. Complete.

I have had a series of posts about my ongoing CD ripping project started 1-1-07 and finished today 3-6-07 after 65 days of work. The first post is here, but you can see them all by using the labels (tags) feature. The final result is 10,629 songs for a continuous playing time of 29.8 days […]

Terabyte HD and the CD Ripping Project Update

In three previous posts to date: one, two, and three, I’ve commented on this project. As of right now, I’m at 23.5 days of continuous music, representing over 8300 songs and counting. I’m on the Soundtrack section and this one’s interesting because I’m wondering exactly why I even bought some of these. Yeah, a good […]

In My Ongoing CD Ripping Project

In a previous post or two, I’ve commented on this project. As of right now, I’m at 20.5 days of continuous music, representing over 7400 songs and counting. I’m on the Classical section and it’s slow going because of various discrepancies in the process that don’t happen with Rock/Pop CDs. With all the foreign names, […]

Apple’s Steve Jobs Blasts DRM

Today, Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computer and iTunes and co-creator of all the cool stuff that represents has said that DRM sucks. Yes, he did. Posted it right there on Apple’s website for all to read, including some very unhappy people at record companies. DRM is digital rights management which translates to copy-protected songs. […]

Beatles on iTunes and iPod: One Step Closer?

Apple (Computer) Inc. has reached a surprise agreement with Apple Corps Ltd., the record label started by The Beatles in 1968, concerning the use of the name “Apple” and related logos. Under the terms of the agreement announced Monday, Apple Inc. (formerly Apple Computer) will own all trademarks and logos related to the name “Apple” […]

More On Music and the 1 Terabyte Hard Drive

In my previous post entitled Music and the 1 Terabyte Hard Drive, I detailed my plans for this monumental project of ripping all my CDs into iTunes. It’s been a much larger task than I thought but here’s an update. I am on the letter “S” today (remember, I’m only in my Pop/Rock library) and […]