Atrocity In The Name Of Food and many other ramblings including iPod and Beatles

If you are squeamish, you will wish to skip this paragraph — the links are horrifically graphic. This report is available on AP, CBS, and many other news services and it’s absolutely disgusting and appalling. NewsBlaze and CBS . The bottom line is that approximately 150,000 baby chickens are ground to death in meat grinders while still alive every single day so you can have eggs for breakfast. The United Egg Producers (the trade association for the industry) confirmed that figure and the practice behind it. “Using a grinder”, a spokesman said, “is the most instantaneous way to euthanize chicks. Video from a hidden camera clearly shows healthy male chicks, peeping and bouncing as they greet the world, fed into the blades. You do not wish to click the link.

Apple has announced a music event on 9-9-09 (10am Pacific) which is famous as the date the Beatles will be releasing Beatles Rock Band and their remastered catalogues. Fans are already excited. So, everyone is assuming this is the Beatles introduction for iTunes and possibly the infamous and legendary rumoured Yellow Submarine iPod. However, I am not so sure. It’s quite odd that the slogan they have picked are the lyrics from a Rolling Stones song. I think a lot of people have added 1 and 1 and got 3. Still, I have faint hope. There will, I promise, be a new iPod announced.

And Disney bought Marvel Comics for $4 billion dollars today but Universal retains theme park rights west of the Rockies almost in perpetuity, though at some point they’ll wonder why they’re fuelling the Disney empire and find something else. As one columnist pointed out: However, it’s not all golden for Disney and Marvel: Marvel’s pre-existing deals in movies, video games and theme parks mean that in some cases it could be many years or even never before Disney gets control of key franchises such as Spider-Man. For instance, Sony has the rights to make Spidey movies forever. Likewise, Marvel Studio’s next five movies will be distributed by Paramount, although Iger expects to change that deal as soon as the contract runs out. Although Hulk and Thor costumed characters and rides would be a natural at Disney’s theme parks, here also a pre-existing deal with Universal means that Spidey and Co. will stay at Uni’s Island of Adventure area in Florida; a spokesman for Universal hinted that Marvel’s license with Uni will last in perpetuity. On that last bit, I’m sure Disney’s lawyers will find a loophole at some point.

In health news, my mood is a bit better, but I am way stressed that the heart tests are still so far out. Eleven days may not seem like a long time for most of you but for me it’s a lifetime. The sleep thing is still a huge obstacle. We’ll be addressing that very soon.

I have received seven phone calls in the past 45 minutes. Damn. We have a new named storm (Erica) which surprised everyone, though I’m betting no visit from her. Evan recommended a trilogy to me about an assassin and I’m reading that. Reviews later. I wasn’t going to add to my book pile, but it reminded me of Vlad Taltos and that required immediate action.

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