Apple, Beatles Label Plan Announcement Today

EMI Group PLC (the Beatles’ record Label) said Sunday it planned to unveil “an exciting new digital offering” with computer company Apple, raising expectations that The Beatles’ music catalog is about to be made available through Apple’s iTunes online music store. Apple’s attempts to make the Beatles available on iTunes were hampered by a long-running ongoing trademark dispute with The Beatles’ company, Apple Corps Ltd. Recently, Apple Computer and Apple Music finally resolved their legal feud over use of the apple logo and name.

EMI said it would hold a news conference Monday at its London headquarters with its chief executive, Eric Nicoli, and Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs “and a special live performance.” The company declined to give any further details.

Apple Corps was founded by the Fab Four in 1968 and is still owned by Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, the widow of John Lennon, and the estate of George Harrison.

(305pm add-on: Okay, so they have announced DRM-free downloads for iTunes starting next month. For me, that’s a great announcement. EMI deferred on making a Beatles announcement saying they were still working on it for “soon” whenever that may be. From my POV, this is great news. I will now use the iTunes store, and gladly pay extra for DRM-free music. I really didn’t use iTunes because I am opposed to DRM. I hate for people to assume I am a criminal, which is what DRM does.)

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