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Movie and Book Review

I have a few days’ worth of updates. Saturday was a busy day. Woke up and after tending to some medical business, I worked my way over to Erin’s. We ate breakfast, walked around CompUSA and Borders before I totally ran out of gas. We went back to her place and watched Flash Gordon on […]

I have windows — Another Hurricane Wilma Update

I no longer have Glad(R) bags as windows! Yes, it’s true, my home’s windows are now back to being glass. My landscaping is mostly replanted and restored. The only exterior visible damage is the roof, a section of rain gutter, and the freshly planted landscaping. The roof is no longer in the backyard and has […]

Hurricane Wilma Damage Report

I’m back from the Far East, but what have I come back to? As you know, Hurricane Wilma pounded into Florida while I was away. We had toyed with the idea of coming home to prepare in advance of the storm, but Wilma kept changing speed and direction, and we weren’t even sure if we […]

Hurricanes Redux

I am so damn tired of hurricanes. I have been stuck at home all day because of that bitch, Rita. Relatively harmless to us as it turns out (unlike Katrina) but still a nuisance. Frankly, I’d rather be at work. Scary, eh? BTW, if anyone knows a good roofer, I’ve been trying to find once […]

(Hurricane) Katrina Blows Eric and then New Orleans

OK, I hate Hurricanes. I hated Andrew. I also forgot how much I hated them. I have been reminded. As late as Tuesday evening there was no real inkling there was any sort of problem. Wednesday, we learned we were probably getting a tropical storm. Thursday, they said it might be a hurricane just as […]