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All Sorts of Tidbits II

Ah, yes, the compendium type post. Sure to be of interest to no-one, except, guess what? You’re here reading it. So it must interest someone at least little on some level. That or your RSS reader has let you down in a spectacular fashion. First, the blog is approaching 200,000 posts and I expect we’ll […]

Pain in the Neck (Literal)

Ouch. Today hurts much worse than yesterday. I am sore in my shoulders, my entire neck, upper back, and a little in my lower back. I have this burning sensation that goes from one shoulder blade to the other. And the weird random pain in my right hip. The insurance people told me that this […]

Post 299: More on Aetna and other unrelated stuff

Let’s see, this is the 299th post in my blog so the next post will be a milestone of sorts. I will be sure and either commemorate it or perhaps entirely ignore it. Aetna Sucks Worse Than A Two-Bit Whore Today, I sent a formal complaint to the State of Florida department of insurance regulation […]

Limited Medical Update

Oh, wait, there isn’t much of one. I’m sick — but don’t feel bad except for the damn infernal 24/7 hacking. The doctor says I’m sick and am suffering from some unknown viral malaise. Doesn’t that sound fun. My throat is shredded to bits from the constant hacking. Talking hurts, so I haven’t been doing […]