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NHL and NHLPA both Suck — but especially Goodenow

I have cut and pasted this from my Panthers mailing list and then edited it slightly. Rather than write a fancy new post, this sums a lot of it up. A lot of people who caused this suck, but as in any situation, some suck more than others. So to Bob Goodenow I say you […]

NHL and NHLPA both Suck

From the newswire “The NHL offered on Wednesday to go with the players’ association proposal from Dec. 9 that featured a luxury-tax system and an immediate 24 percent rollback on all existing contracts. If it was determined after an unspecified period of time that the deal wasn’t working, the agreement would be converted to the […]

Scum Sucking Bastards (NHL Lockout)

Here’s a subject near and dear to my heart. This is an OPINION piece dammit. The NHL Lockout. First, let’s start with the fact that the owners are low-life scum, the players’ union is low-life scum. The commissioner is scum, and the NHLPA boss is scum. So, what we have is a pond (frozen) full […]