NHL and NHLPA both Suck

From the newswire “The NHL offered on Wednesday to go with the players’ association proposal from Dec. 9 that featured a luxury-tax system and an immediate 24 percent rollback on all existing contracts. If it was determined after an unspecified period of time that the deal wasn’t working, the agreement would be converted to the league’s Feb. 2 proposal.”

So, as a hockey fan I must utter comments. First, insert your choice of vulgar invectives directed at Mr. Goodenow of the NHLPA and Mr. Bettman of the NHL. They’re so low, I wouldn’t shit on them.

Now, the quote above interests me. The NHL said without fail the NHLPA plan wouldn’t work two months ago. So now they’re saying they’ll try it? Nope. It’s some bad faith bargaining if you look at the qualifier. What they say is: We will try it. If we don’t like it, we can impose our original proposal you didn’t like.

Ask yourself: is the NHL really going to accept it, or just use it for a few months and then arbitrarily inflict their 2-2 proposal. I am really torqued off at the league. Mind you, I’m actually on their side and not the players but this one is just such a piss-poor plan I don’t know what to say.

Fie on the lot, I say! FIE!

— E

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