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Monster The Book Review. People From Texas

I like my pharmacist. I went to pick up my refill last night at Walgreens. He wrote me a note with a little happy face on it. I smiled. When was the last time your pharmacist made you smile? Yay Vinay! Everyone has a friend who’s gone off the deep end over the wrong sports […]

The Norwegian Russian Death Spiral From Hialeah

I’ll start off with this article that Erin sent me, and a special thanks to her for thinking of me. I especially liked it because not only does it bemoan the fall of the printed newspaper, it mentions Herb Caen and San Francisco quite a bit. As someone who still reads a printed paper every […]

Post 600: Nostalgia and Herb Caen

I was feeling nostalgic today. Not because this is the 600th post — that’s a coincidence, but because I was thinking about my favourite columnist of all time: Herb Caen. Mister Caen is famous because without him you’d not have the word beatnik which he coined in 1958, or the word hippie which he popularized […]

Fuck Bush Says a Student Newspaper

The headline and editorial ran thusly: “Taser this FUCK BUSH” I will withhold comment on the lack of proper punctuation in said headline. That was the entirety of a four-word column in the student-run Rocky Mountain Collegian. I think that’s great. But in response to the headline, it’s way too juvenile for a professional newspaper […]

Paris Hilton Dragged Back to Jail

Normal people everywhere rejoiced as Paris Hilton, the out of control über-skank, was returned to jail today. Here’s a woman totally out of control, and her hangers-on have done nothing to tell her she’s behaving like a spoiled brat. At her age, it’s simply ghastly behaviour. Here are excerpts from the wire report; follow the […]

Dear Editor, How’s Your Grammar?

The Miami Herald and daily fishwrapper has slipped to a new low today. 5 June 2007 Dear Editor: I have been a subscriber of the Miami Herald for well over 20 years and I read it almost every single day. Lately the numbers of errors in proofreading have been utterly appalling. I am not sure […]