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Seti@Home: My 15 seconds of fame (or 24 hours)

Today, 19 January 2006, I was named Seti@Home’s user of the day. I have no idea how or why I was selected but I am thrilled because I’ve always been a huge supporter of Seti@Home. If you go to the link below today and today only, you can see my ugly mugshot on the front […]

Seti@Home Goes Boinc

Hello Everybody! Well, for those who have lost track Seti@Home classic shut down yesterday and is no more. I appreciate those of you who support Seti@Home whether it be with our team or another team. Team CMOT (renamed Team Orkut) is still there on the Classic pages, but no more data is being accepted or […]


Yay! Seti@Home rocks and for your pleasure, here are my personal SetiStats. If you want your stats like this, the URL is inside the graphic. It’s free and it’s cool. Of course, you all need to run Seti@Home. Go to my website www.darsys.com/seti.htm for more details and all the links you need. Boinc Statistics: Unfortunately, […]