Seti@Home Goes Boinc

Hello Everybody!

Well, for those who have lost track Seti@Home classic shut down yesterday and is no more. I appreciate those of you who support Seti@Home whether it be with our team or another team.

Team CMOT (renamed Team Orkut) is still there on the Classic pages, but no more data is being accepted or distributed and messages are being sent to any remaining clients that are running. Team Orkut now exists on the new BOINC client and members from our old team are starting to switch over. Best of all, you get to bring your Classic credits with you! I think you’ll find the new client friendlier. You can even get the “Classic” graphics to run in screensaver mode but in 3D so it’s especially cool. It’s also a lot more configurable to your particular hardware and you can even create profiles for home, school, and/or work.

For details, just follow the links from to the appropriate page to view our team, join or team, or even join Seti@Home but with someone else’s team. Rather than post lots of links here, I figured I’d just show the old Team CMOT home page which has freshly updated links. If you haven’t been recently, check it out!

I do want to remind everyone you are more than welcome to join Team Orkut. Please, come over and join us. It’s a great cause.

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