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Vanishing Posts

At least one post 12 October 2008 wasn’t in the new blog. I’ve been monitoring it carefully and when I see an inbound link that goes nowhere I can fix it. All of them have been adjustments to path names. I’ve only got two difficult posts. One I solved after realizing it couldn’t resolve because […]

Food. Tasty, tasty food

I ate at a new Italian restaurant near my house called Il Forno. Fancy place, terrible, terrible location so I don’t hold out much hope they’ll survive for very long. Which is too bad because it’s pretty decent as far as the food goes. The bread is very similar to a pita and served with olive oil. […]

Face Plant

I shall start off with an embarrassing story. I went bowling today — got three of my worst scores in memory — with Timmy. Karen did a no-show. So Timmy goes first and, since there are no practice frames, bowls a lousy five in two balls. I am amused, so I go up slide forward […]

In life there are winners and….

I’m not sure how I feel about the name of the site, but this post is pretty awesome #99 Grammar. Bottom line is pretty much every group has grammatical morons. Judging from the comments on the Led Zeppelin post, stoned people have a far more difficult time grasping grammar. Even highfalutin executives can’t handle basic grammar. […]

The Norwegian Russian Death Spiral From Hialeah

I’ll start off with this article that Erin sent me, and a special thanks to her for thinking of me. I especially liked it because not only does it bemoan the fall of the printed newspaper, it mentions Herb Caen and San Francisco quite a bit. As someone who still reads a printed paper every […]

Youth In Revolt and other news….

First, I must thank Jose for telling me he saw a trailer for the legendary novel Youth In Revolt which is a journal by one Nick Twisp. This is awesome news potentially. It stars Michael Cera (of Arrested Development fame) which is nice because he’s a good actor, but I don’t feel he looks the […]

Randomness Part Huit

I found a bug in Firefox version 3, which I reported at Bugzilla. Really muffs up the visuals when you try to change text size on one page and it changes the text size on ALL pages. Horrific planning to implement a “new feature” at the expense of useability. Sad because it worked fine. Adrian […]

Seti@Home: My 15 seconds of fame (or 24 hours)

Today, 19 January 2006, I was named Seti@Home’s user of the day. I have no idea how or why I was selected but I am thrilled because I’ve always been a huge supporter of Seti@Home. If you go to the link below today and today only, you can see my ugly mugshot on the front […]

Seti@Home Goes Boinc

Hello Everybody! Well, for those who have lost track Seti@Home classic shut down yesterday and is no more. I appreciate those of you who support Seti@Home whether it be with our team or another team. Team CMOT (renamed Team Orkut) is still there on the Classic pages, but no more data is being accepted or […]


Yay! Seti@Home rocks and for your pleasure, here are my personal SetiStats. If you want your stats like this, the URL is inside the graphic. It’s free and it’s cool. Of course, you all need to run Seti@Home. Go to my website www.darsys.com/seti.htm for more details and all the links you need. Boinc Statistics: Unfortunately, […]