Food. Tasty, tasty food

I ate at a new Italian restaurant near my house called Il Forno. Fancy place, terrible, terrible location so I don’t hold out much hope they’ll survive for very long. Which is too bad because it’s pretty decent as far as the food goes. The bread is very similar to a pita and served with olive oil.

I had Gnocchi Al’Arancia (a potato dumpling in a light cream sauce flavoured with Grand Marnier liquor & orange reduction) which was very tasty, though far sweeter than one might expect for a dinner entrée. Still very enjoyable and mostly filling. Timmy had the Lasagna Emiliana and that was excellent but was overpriced for the tiny portion size they gave him.

My complaints are not the food, nor even the prices, but the service. With only four tables filled and as many waiters as there were, you’d figure the service would be attentive. It wasn’t. Water glasses weren’t filled promptly, drink orders were sluggish, the table was missing salt and pepper shakers, which never managed to make an appearance. This is a small, intimate restaurant but I don’t like service that’s anything less than stellar.

(For an added amusement listen to the irritating background music on their website — near the middle of the four-minute loop, it’s got a refrain from Master of The House. That’s just scary.)

There are the articles I don’t agree with in magazines. But I’m fair if nothing else and will give voice to opposing opinions. This from Sue. There’s an article on Seti at 50. It’s not such a big deal because a lot of what’s said is fair game for reasonable discussion. I just am miffed at its appearance in failure magazine.

Speaking of Seti@Home, my clients are unable to return work-units and this has been ongoing for some time. It’s happening on Mac and PC clients running different versions of the software. Anyone else have this complaint?

Many of the redirects to individual posts are broken. I’m working on them. If you try to find a post and can’t please let me know the broken URL for a fix. This isn’t a walk in the park, and I don’t recommend this procedure for anyone. Blech.

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