Vanishing Posts

At least one post 12 October 2008 wasn’t in the new blog. I’ve been monitoring it carefully and when I see an inbound link that goes nowhere I can fix it. All of them have been adjustments to path names. I’ve only got two difficult posts. One I solved after realizing it couldn’t resolve because the post never made it here. Happily Google caches everything, and I mean everything. A cached version of the page was at Google, and it wasn’t such a big deal to copy and paste it as a new post here and change the date. So, for those of you who are transferring from Blogger to any platform please realize the “export my blog” feature is NOT WORKING PROPERLY. I’ve just realized that some posts are missing and I’m not sure how many others haven’t made the switch. If you are looking for a post and not getting it (404 error or the wrong post), please email me and let me know. If you don’t tell me, I might not ever find out it’s gone AWOL.

What would you do if you had 31 toes and fingers? One boy is having the extras surgically removed today.

Scary stuff. Anyway, I have little to report today except that I have another “go to post office” notice which is another certified return-receipt letter from my Homeowner’s Association. I’m sure there will be a lawsuit. They are dumber than dog shit on a hot summer day. They are less professional than a used car salesman who was disbarred from his legal practice. You get the idea.

I am working with the Boinc team to help debug the new client (v36) which was pulled due to many issues. Sort of fun and I think it’s working now. Just waiting for Seti@Home to issue a final test.

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