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A Cat In Your Pants

Please vote on this LOLCatz. I don’t want to mention that this is my friend Paul. So there is no way I will mention this is my friend Paul. I am certain Paul wouldn’t want anyone to know that’s him sitting on the crapper with a cat in his pants. So I will not post […]

Fun With Spammers

I got fed up today with one particular spammer who just wouldn’t leave me alone (work). Three to four emails per day from a few domains. I got mean, aggressive, and nasty after a few reasonable attempts to stop it. I did research and found the perpetrator. I sent off this email: From: Eric A. […]

The Return of Sanford Wallace

Sanford Wallace, generally credited* with modern spam**, the scourge of the Internet, is at it again. This time, MySpace is suing him. I’m quite mystified why someone hasn’t given him a pair of cement shoes and thrown him over a bridge. Like many things in life, just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right. Now […]