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Catching Up Is Hard To Do

First, I’ve got a cold so I am cranky as hell. Today (Saturday) I saw Cirque Du Soliel’s Corteo with Maury, who flew in just for this. She’s back out tomorrow. Not one of my favourites in the Cirque pantheon. So-so music and some great bits interspersed with average bits. The parking lot exit was […]

Return of Wherefore art thou Eric J. Hedlund?

It’s been a busy week. Let’s see, I’m sick. I have a cold. My throat problem appears to be back, but I’ve been ignoring it for weeks — it’s pretty bad now so I’m off to the doctor tomorrow. Dad gets his one-year oncologists report tomorrow. Last night, I saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra with Evan […]

Pachelbel Canon in D by Funtwo

NY Times Article (3 pages) on the amazing FunTwo video of him playing Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel. Below is a direct video link, but if you prefer to zip over to YouTube directly, here’s that link. I will be honest, this sounds very much like the Trans-Siberian orchestra, but all research I did […]