Catching Up Is Hard To Do

First, I’ve got a cold so I am cranky as hell.

Today (Saturday) I saw Cirque Du Soliel’s Corteo with Maury, who flew in just for this. She’s back out tomorrow. Not one of my favourites in the Cirque pantheon. So-so music and some great bits interspersed with average bits. The parking lot exit was worse than normal — you figure after all these years of shows at Bicentennial Park, they’d figure it out. The people behind us were very irritating and wouldn’t stop yabbering in Italian.

Friday the Panthers lost to the Red Wings, but on the plus side we did run out to the cancer deck* and watched the shuttle take off. I can’t wait. Evan said he’ll post a video soon because he drove up. It’s amazing how clearly we could see it even though were 300+ miles away. It was just perfect. Oh, and I took all my hurricane food (the dreaded Chef Boy-ar-dee) and donated it to the food drive before the game.

On Thursday we saw TSO (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) — the third time running I’ve seen the same exact show. Or more accurately the first half is the same, and the second half is different. I wish they’d do something about it. We got a different touring company than usual, and they weren’t quite as good. I still enjoyed it, but did bail about 10 minutes before the end because I was feeling especially bad. As is their custom Lizzie and Shane slept through most of it. I do enjoy doing this with the Berner Clan though. I get to be a little part of their family for the evening.

I picked up my dry cleaning this morning (all the stuff from Vegas) and the brand-new expensive Lacoste shirt I had to buy for my meeting with Department of Homeland Security has gone missing. I have the receipt and Monday I will have to pick a fight with them, I suppose.

I’ve not exercised in several days because I feel like shit. Not breathing will do that to you. I’m going to bed now.

The promised news will be coming soon. And to the people who are worried: I’m not killing myself, not planning on killing anyone, or any other major disaster so stop panicking. Not all change is bad, but sometimes is necessary.

*smoking area

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