Live8 — Pink Floyd Rocks — MTV Blows

I watched Live8 on MTV/VH1 (same feed) — missing parts for various reasons. However, I must say MTV which is, in theory, a music channel should be removed from the air for their atrociously horrendous and offensive coverage. Every single artist was shown disrespect by the VJs talking over one or more of the artists’ songs. Further, they cut away from many mid-song — not to show another artist — but to listen to vapid hosts blather banalities about nothing. Or worse, to cut to a commercial. HEY! GUYS! If you wait another 90 seconds the song will be over, and then you can still go to a commercial. ABC’s clip show was much better, and I got to see a few missing items in their entirety.

The highlight for me (and I suppose many others) was Pink Floyd reuniting with Roger Waters for the first time since 1981. They sound as good as their CDs if not better. Amazing. The Who tore up the stage as did Bon Jovi, Green Day, and some other artists. Most were astoundingly average.

I’m a huge Paul McCartney fan, but the ending just blew chunks. Sorry.

More later if I’m in the mood.

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