A London Peculiar, Smoke Magazine

I have decided to blog about a very unusual magazine to which I subscribe called Smoke, A London Peculiar. It’s no secret I’m a big fan of London, what with my London webpage and all. There are many magazines around on a great variety of subject, but few quite as peculiar as this one. Why is this one special? Because, if you’re a fan of London, you will feel how this catches the essence of London (and its environs) quite thoroughly through the pens, keyboards, eyes, and lenses of fellow fans of London.

I’d love to tell you they published the article I wrote for them two years ago, but they didn’t which only proves they have some mighty high standards. I’ll probably try again soon.

Smoke, a london peculiar is subtitled “words and images inspired by the city” and you can see some sample excerpts from current issues on their site. There are photos, poems, essays, stories, and more. I can’t really tell you how well this brilliant little publication captures the feel of London. You simply must try it. I get no credit if you subscribe, but it would be nice if you mentioned me or this blog so they know we’re supporting them.

After checking out their site, you should, of course, immediately subscribe. For the US it’s £14.60 for a year but only £10 within the UK. They take PayPal.

If you do not have a UK checking account, you can always pay me and I can provide a local UK check drawn in Pounds Sterling for you. I will do this for my immediate friends and family only as I am not a bank; I will do this at the Interbank rate plus 3.25% (my cost).

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