A Double Rocky Frisco

I thought I’d give a little shout-out to my bud Rocky Frisco. I accidentally stumbled upon one of his videos that’s over on YouTube and then found there was a second.

Rocky’s a famous musician, and if you haven’t heard of him, it’s your loss. He’s played with some of the greats and regularly tours with JJ Cale. He’s played Carnegie Hall. He also is one hell of a writer, a political activist, and he collects Mini-Coopers.

Anyway, I thought this might entertain you. There are quite a few videos on YouTube with the Rockster. He’s got a cool, eclectic home page as well. His home page links to many other pages of his — and you’ll see his very wide level of interests. Rocky’s a character and I’m glad he’s my friend because a weird guy like me needs weird guys like him. There’s a brief bit on WikiPedia and also his IMDB page. Oh, yeah, he acts too — was even in a Disney film.

Some of my favourite Rocky works are on his very short-lived band’s eponymous and only album Whirligig . Rocky gave me a copy before it was released (or maybe it was never released) — but it’s mighty good. He’s got both a personal MySpace page and his Music one. Feel the love and buy some of his music.

In unrelated news, I sent off a mound of certified letters to (A) all the credit bureaus with my affidavit on the Identity Theft issue and (B) to Western Digital’s CEO with my thoughts on his company and (C) to Apple letting them know why I suggest they stop selling Western Digital products. In absence of a letter from CBL I am not making further noise about the fact the drive was “previously owned” and sold to me as new. I have no proof without a letter.

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