Apple and stuff that’s way more interesting

I am an Apple fan and have been for a long, long time. So I wish to say I am quite disappointed in today’s Apple announcements. Seriously anti-climactic if you ask me. There was much anticipation, and it was followed by much boredom.

Far more interesting today 9-9-09 was the Beatles release of their entire catalogue in remastered form.  You can read about it here. (The site is overloaded, and you may trouble accessing at times). And if you’ve heard any of it — radio stations have been playing from it all day — you know how fantastic it is. What I’ve heard is phenomenal. I ordered it but it hasn’t shipped and I am miffed. Beatles Rock Band was released for all major platforms today and is selling like hotcakes. It is estimated that the Beatles will make over $150,000,000 before the day is done. Yeah, 150 million sawbucks. Wow.

Even the Christian Science Monitor has reviewed the new remasters and is smitten. I am really excited about it. I am just pleased that the Beatles’ music is still so well-respected and well-loved to generate this sort of reaction. Makes me happy.

Delta is really pissing me off. I got another form letter today that is, word for word, the same as the last one. Apparently, they don’t read English in Atlanta.

I finished the last book in the Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks. In a previous post I had reviewed the first book. Some 2,000 pages later, I’m done. Yay. I liked it. It held my interest until near the end. (Evan stop reading here as there are spoilers ahead.)  I didn’t like the ending. Seemed forced and semi-stupid. It didn’t ruin the book for me, and just left me a little irritated. The characters in this book Kylar and Durzo are really interesting and appealing. Logan could have been, but he was half-developed and then left to be a stereotype. Now, I’m not a prude but the word ‘fuck’ appears so often as to be noticeable and irritating. If a reader notices it, there’s a problem because you’ve knocked your reader out of the story. It happens multiple times. The book begins and it seems a pretty chaste book aimed at young adults or teens perhaps and then it changes in the middle of the first book. That’s a good thing even as it grows slowly more vulgar and violent. The books are good. The Wolf is certainly intriguing. But some end-game cop-outs are frustrating. Still, I recommend this book.

The FML site still amuses me. And my shoes have arrived.

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