All Our Allah Are Belong to Us

A quick update on the toe: it’s still attached to my body, and it still hurts. Thanks for asking. 

In unrelated news, my throat hurts. Two days ago I made this Stouffer’s Easy Express Skillets Yankee Pot Roast. This is, by far, the most disgusting, repulsive, nasty, frozen entrée I have ever eaten in my life. No frozen dinner is good, but some manage to be adequate. This suffered from some of the nastiest “meat” I’ve ever tasted in my life — no texture, no flavour, lots of gristle almost as if it was formed meat. I ate a little over 10% before I threw it all in the bin and threw in the towel. I ate a can of tuna instead. For comparison, I would gladly eat the dog I was unwittingly served in Taichung before I’d ever eat this shite again. Repugnant, repulsive, offensively bad. And to top it off, one of the potato-like things squirted boiling hot liquid down my throat burning it and I can feel the scab in my throat. I’ve left them a nasty comment on their website which I will assume they shan’t post.

I had mentioned in a previous post that my friend Steve’s father had died. Yesterday I went to the funeral home (something I abhor greatly) because after 30 years of friendship it’s the right thing to do. I had no idea Frank Kovacs was so well regarded. There were politicians, chiefs of police, and others there in addition to friends and family. There was a full marine corps honour guard and another one from the police force. There weren’t many flowers because they requested donations to the Marine Corps League (see previous post) charity instead and I, like most, honoured their wishes. There’s an article here about Mr Kovacs if you wish to read more. I knew him because I spent a lot of time in Steve’s house, and he was proud of his marine corps service and he was still serving on the police force. I remember when he went on to work at UPS after that. It was nice to see Steve’s mother who I hadn’t seen in nearly a decade, and even Steve’s brother. I also met Mr Kovacs’ brothers, who were easy to spot, looking just like him.

In serious news, read this article where tensions in Muslim-majority Malaysia turned violent Friday with firebomb attacks on three churches following a court decision that allows Christians to translate the word God as Allah. Yeah, seriously. As scary as that may be, I want to point out the really scary part: Allah is only for us, said Faedzah Fuad, 28, who participated in the rally. What? No, madam*, you are incorrect: on behalf of anyone who might (or might not) believe in God: fuck you to hell. You and your evil hell-spawned ilk, madam, are the reason the world is at war: that’s the exact sort of backwards thinking that makes you think it’s okay to blow up innocent people. If you removed your head from your arse for maybe 30 seconds, you’d realise your position is unreasonable, untenable, and is cause for mockery by everyone else. From a theological standpoint, there is only one God no matter what you call Him: God, Allah, Yahweh, and so on. I Googled this moron’s quote: I’m not the only one who’s taken umbrage. (Take my umbrage, please….) This related post is awesome on many levels but none as important as using the sentence “It’s time to meet God, you bunch of ankle showing tarts!” That is a great sentence and when used in context, it rocks. Oh, and thanks to the power of Google, there’s this listing with a phone and fax number in case you have words to share with Ms. Faedzah Fuad. (I am especially proud of the title of this post; for all you people who get there reference I hope you enjoy it too.)

A special piss-off to Evan for stealing what wasgoing to be my blog opening for today: a passenger unwittingly carried live, deadly explosives on a flight to Dublin after Slovak officials deliberately planted them in his luggage in a bid to test airport security. Only their screening didn’t spot them, and the passenger made it all the way to Ireland with his luggage and the explosives in them (and on the plane). As you will see the BBC article is quite eye opening; worry when you fly. Today, the Slovak police chief resigned. Congratulations to Evan for scooping me. Bitch.

In other comedy news, I present this one liner: A lion would never cheat on his wife, but a Tiger Wood.

* Faedzah Fuad is a woman — not a lady apparently, but still a woman.

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