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Another Blow To Vista

In another blow to Microsoft‘s latest version of Windows, “Vista”, Dell has been forced to backtrack its Windows Vista only decision (news article), and is now shipping XP based systems due to overwhelming demand from its customers. While I am torn at whether or not to blog this because I hate Dell more than almost […]

Post 299: More on Aetna and other unrelated stuff

Let’s see, this is the 299th post in my blog so the next post will be a milestone of sorts. I will be sure and either commemorate it or perhaps entirely ignore it. Aetna Sucks Worse Than A Two-Bit Whore Today, I sent a formal complaint to the State of Florida department of insurance regulation […]

Aetna Blows More than Monica Lewinsky

I fucking HATE insurance companies. Today, I think I shall rip Aetna a new asshole in my blog because they so richly deserve it. They probably have plenty ripped assholes already, so one more ought not bother them. Aetna is comprised of incompetent, idiotic assholes. I think they hope I die before they call back […]

Limited Medical Update

Oh, wait, there isn’t much of one. I’m sick — but don’t feel bad except for the damn infernal 24/7 hacking. The doctor says I’m sick and am suffering from some unknown viral malaise. Doesn’t that sound fun. My throat is shredded to bits from the constant hacking. Talking hurts, so I haven’t been doing […]

Health Alert: Acid Reflux, Aciphex, Nexium, and Vocal Cords

Five weeks ago I reported about my health problems and the lesion found on my vocal chords — we named him Fred in the previous post. Just in case some of you actually give a flying fuck, I have an update. Fred was supposed to be entirely gone now. Then I’d be happy and tell […]

When Bill Met Steve (A Computer Love Story)

Right, this isn’t a love story. I’ve misled you. Sue me. But this is about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs of Microsoft and Apple Computer respectively and the first time they shared the stage together in over two decades. It was a relatively pleasant meeting in which they both praised each other, joked around, and […]