When Bill Met Steve (A Computer Love Story)

Right, this isn’t a love story. I’ve misled you. Sue me. But this is about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs of Microsoft and Apple Computer respectively and the first time they shared the stage together in over two decades. It was a relatively pleasant meeting in which they both praised each other, joked around, and talked technology. The only uncomfortable moment was when Apple’s famous “I’m a Mac. I’m a PC” ads were shown. A full article is here at the BBC News site. Amazingly, despite predictions, Hell has not frozen over.

In other news, Aetna has tried to fuck me again. Yeah. Last week I went in to renew my prescription and they tried the same crap again. After spending nearly an hour at the pharmacy and being irritatingly persistent, I got it fixed but we just know it’s going to happen again next time. I have filed yet another formal complaint with the State Insurance Commissioner as well as sending another copy to Aetna‘s CEO who will, undoubtedly, pawn this off on his “executive response team” which managed to do nothing the last time. To be fair, they replied and said “you got your prescription” implying that since it was fixed there wasn’t a problem. I entirely disagree because their system is flawed and the fact it happened again proved it. They made some patently false claims in their reply (and my original doctor’s prescription and matching pharmacy label proves they’re false — I even sent them copies so I have no idea how they’re arguing). Further, I still believe their “pre-certification” process in which some clerk decides if your doctor is competent ought to be illegal: I do not believe anyone without a medical license should ever be able to override a decision made by a medical doctor, or in my case made by a medical doctor and confirmed by two additional medical doctors. It’s bogus of course. Aetna still sucks. I still want an apology from them, and they’ve done nothing close to apologizing, opting instead to making excuses and telling lies.

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