Tag: Comedy

The Struggle Of A Blog Entry

Many days I have nothing to blog, so I don’t. Usually when I have something to blog, it’s hard to know what post to start with. Officially, I don’t care who reads or not, but I still feel obligated to be interesting. As a writer, you want to grab people with the first thing you […]

The Day After Le Accident + Wanda Sykes

Came home last night (see below) to a slew of answering machine messages. None of which I have returned yet (sorry). Also had tons of emails, all of which I’ve returned last night but 2 or 3 which require more detailed replies. I woke up around 6am after a long night with large quantities of […]

Robin Williams’ Reality What A Concept

When I was a kid — 300 to 400 years ago — I first heard Robin Williams’ album “Reality … What a Concept” and it was uproariously funny (subversively bawdy might be a good term). I believe it was my cousin Mike who first played this album for me. I never forgot it, though my […]