Robin Williams’ Reality What A Concept

When I was a kid — 300 to 400 years ago — I first heard Robin Williams’ album “Reality … What a Concept” and it was uproariously funny (subversively bawdy might be a good term). I believe it was my cousin Mike who first played this album for me. I never forgot it, though my vinyl collection had long since vanished while I was off at college. I always wanted it on CD though it’s never been able to be released. Once, I saw a copy on e-bay for like $90. Yeah, as if.

Anyway, I was perusing the web with Google. Google’s an amazing thing. On a lark, I typed it in and boom. There it was. sells it for a reasonable price. I ordered it and it came yesterday. I listened to it today and it’s as funny as ever. What scares me, is that I still remember almost every bit as crystal clear as when I used to listen to it over and over and over again.

“Rented lips” and “Sammy Davis Junior Junior” come to mind. As well as the New York Echo. I laughed hard listening to it again. I also got some bits that I didn’t get when I first heard this album in 1979. Innocence, I suppose. I would encourage everyone to locate and purchase this album. It’s 41 minutes of bliss. It’s classic OLD Williams — unfocused, random, pointless, and guaranteed to cause paroxysms of laughter.

My eyes won’t stop watering, but I don’t think I’m actually sick. This is day two of mostly runny eyes and occasional sneeze attacks. It feels like a bad allergy onset, though God knows to what.

It’s Passover and I was off to see Mom and Grandma for dinner. On the way over, there was some sort of horrific accident. It must have just happened because I was only about ten cars back. Finally, a cop comes flying through. Moments later traffic begins to slowly creep by on the median, directed by someone who had stopped. Ambulances and other police hadn’t arrived. I got to the front, and it was pretty horrific. There was a guy laying in the center lane, a big, bald biker dude who wasn’t wearing a helmet. He was clawing at the ground in obvious pain and there was an enormous puddle of blood. It was everywhere. I drove on since a cop was already on scene and others had stopped to help — what could I do? Some minutes later I passed an ambulance headed that way. I’m sure it was far too late. I didn’t relate this story over dinner.

I got to Grandma’s, gave her the present from Sophia (Feng Fang Fu) and took a photo which is posted over at Flickr. Then we had dinner at Outback. The service was good, the food was average — I am not an Outback fan as they’ve gone downhill. I had a nice time.

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