Firefox Continues To Cause Grief at Microsoft

In an ongoing, amazing development, Firefox is clobbering Internet Explorer. It’s far from the end, but there are signs all is not well in the browser department in Redmond.

Information Week’s 7 April 2008 issue has the market share report for Internet Explorer.

Month% Share
Jan 200788.7
March 200786.0
October 200780.1
December 200777.7

This just pleases me to no end. Granted, it’s not just Firefox but other browsers such as Opera and Safari. But any dent in Microsoft’s armour is a good thing. Every time Bill gates has stress, I lose a little of mine. When he has a bad day, I have a good one. Between Firefox and the EU, perhaps he’s developing an ulcer…. 🙂

Oh, and let’s not forget Open Office. I have no idea why it won’t hit critical mass: it does everything Office does and more and it can read/write Office documents just fine. We’ve installed it at work with no issues. Though I will admit we use Word/Excel type documents only and haven’t tried the other modules except to play some PowerPoint training slides. Try it at your company. It comes in all flavours Mac, PC, UNIX, etc.

The article makes some special points “… IT departments are moving to support [Firefox] in the enterprise Web apps. That should be less than reassuring to Redmond.”

The article also talks about how IE8, forthcoming soon, will break a number of web applications even though it is supposedly more standards friendly. Many non-commercial sites, such as mine, don’t even test to IE specifications because they simply aren’t standards. Web standards are just that: standards. IE is a collection of crap that makes writing a site to be compliant a pain. I’ve made sure my corporate site works with IE — that is you can view it — but it looks and works much better in Firefox. It makes me angry I have to do even that.

In other amusing news, Microsoft is already readying the replacement to Vista. So despite their claims, it’s obviously not going as well as they’d like. No spin can fix that except to a true moron.

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