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Well it appears our government which is run by idiots (idiots of whichever party you prefer — they’re all idiots to some degree) now want the power to shut down private Internet connections. If you prefer your news from Fox, they’ve got the same report. If the government is concerned about its systems, let them […]

Firefox Continues to Cause Grief at Microsoft 2.0

Firefox 3 has become the first non-Microsoft web browser to overtake IE6 in market share. (Note this doesn’t even include lumping in FF2 so it’s a straight up comparison). The open-source browser climbed to 24 percent of users in February while IE6 dipped to just over 22.6 percent, making Firefox the second most popular browser […]

My New Mobile Phone

Yay. Today was a big day in Mobile Phone Land when I got a little pissed with T-Mobile (okay, I got a lot pissed) very recently. Nothing frosts my balls more than people who don’t return calls. I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer since the Jamie Lee Curtis days. Yeah, okay, so maybe she’s […]

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspain (also My Hard Drive)

I saw the new Narnia flick today with Timmy. I rather enjoyed it, perhaps more than the first one because it was a little less preachy. I understand that by nature a Narnia film shall be preachy because that’s pretty much what the whole thing’s about. START SPOILERS Most everything I wrote in the first […]

Firefox Continues To Cause Grief at Microsoft

In an ongoing, amazing development, Firefox is clobbering Internet Explorer. It’s far from the end, but there are signs all is not well in the browser department in Redmond. Information Week’s 7 April 2008 issue has the market share report for Internet Explorer. Month % Share Jan 2007 88.7 March 2007 86.0 October 2007 80.1 […]

Eight Cores of Bliss

I have on my desk a 3.2ghz dual quad core Xeon MacPro running Leopard* 10.5.1 with 2gb of RAM and a total of 2TB of hard drive space (around 1/2 full already, thanks) plus dual SuperDrives and Airport and Bluetooth. The switch has been painful as all hell. I didn’t realize I couldn’t boot back […]

The Near Death of My Mac

Okay, it didn’t really die, but I got quite the scare. Actually, I got the first EVER hard crash of my Mac. I’ve never even seen this happen before on ANY of my Macs. It’s more impressive than the chimes of death (which I have seen on an old Mac in the shop many years […]

The Most Exciting Numbers Since Lost

The last numbers that generated this much excitement were “4 8 15 16 23 42” from the hit TV show Lost. What is it about the code “O9_F9_ll_o2_9D_74_E3” when coupled with “5B_D8_41_56_C5_63_56_88_CO” that has everyone so riled up? A fascinating question for the uninitiated. That code (at least through 1 May 2007) would unlock any […]

Another Blow To Vista

In another blow to Microsoft‘s latest version of Windows, “Vista”, Dell has been forced to backtrack its Windows Vista only decision (news article), and is now shipping XP based systems due to overwhelming demand from its customers. While I am torn at whether or not to blog this because I hate Dell more than almost […]

Idiotic Windows Users

I realize my Mac friends will think the title of this is utterly redundant, and I would generally be forced to agree on some level, but I also use a Windoze PC besides my trusty Macintosh. (In this article when I refer to PC, I am referring to Windows based PCs. I am all for […]