Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspain (also My Hard Drive)

I saw the new Narnia flick today with Timmy. I rather enjoyed it, perhaps more than the first one because it was a little less preachy. I understand that by nature a Narnia film shall be preachy because that’s pretty much what the whole thing’s about.

START SPOILERS Most everything I wrote in the first review still stands. Same acting skills, same irritants, and so forth. The actor who played Prince Caspian was obviously chosen for his looks because he can’t act very well, and the accent was out of place from the rest of the film. Speaking of that, I had more trouble understand the speaking of the Telmarine adults than I should. I’m not sure if it was a bad copy of the film or bad sound editing. But since I was able to understand the kids and critters I am leaning towards the second choice. Speaking of the critters, there were lots more than the first one and some of them were a marvel to behold. Oh, and Willow (Warwick Davis) is in the film.

I was most irritated by the way the Telmarine councilmen seemed to dislike Miraz, yet did nothing about him. Not even to stop him from assuming the crown. Even when they treacherously finish him off, they still want the way. No better than Miraz, only much worse actors, the lot. END SPOILERS

Caspian is the second of the seven Narnia books and the last with all four children. This is acknowledged at the end in the set-up for the sequel. I’m guessing by the crowd in my theatre one may not be forthcoming. Still, an enjoyable film if you don’t think about the book too much.

I have a 1 TB MyBook II Essential (which has the 2 500MB inside configured as on big 1TB HD). You probably remember my posts about it. Well, it died last night. Erin was visiting and we were on my computer when the drive went to sleep and unmounted itself. I figure that was okay since it was just sitting there unused for many hours. It never awoke.

Western Digital (Indian) tech support and myself diagnosed the drive fully and agreed on the diagnosis. It doesn’t mount on a Mac using Firewire 400, Firewire 800, or USB ports. It also isn’t recognized by a PC. If you plug it into a PC, Windows should at least know a device is there and it doesn’t. In short, the drive was totally invisible to the computers and they didn’t see it. On the drive is all those photos I had scanned, the complete videotaped home-movie collection that I transferred, my complete MP3 collection, and various other data. None of which is backed up for lack of any way to do so.

The drive is good. If you take the outer shell off, you can hear the drives power up and hum along happily. Sadly, I am unable to fully disassemble the case. I am confident, as is Western Digital, that the drive is fine and the bridge from the inside to the outside world is toasted.

What really needs to happen is the drives need to get into another case at which point they’ll mount, and the data can be easily accessed. The drive is formatted under OS-X journalled. The drives themselves are configured as a RAID device. Ugh. I am unhappy.

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