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Go Bears and Pizza

US News and World Report released its annual “Best Public Universities in The Nation” list. Sitting right at the top in first position is, again, UC Berkeley. Another organization has released its list of the best Universities in the world (public or private) and I’d like to tell you that Cal was at the top […]

All Sorts of Anecdotes

Let’s start with an interesting encounter. Friday I had day-early Birthday Dinner with Dad, my sister and her boyfriend at our usual restaurant. We sat down and we were two tables away from Donna Shalala (linked if you don’t know who she is). Dad always likes to be a big shot and we know all […]

What I Believe

(First, congratulations to Erin on her new TV. She saw it yesterday whilst we were browsing various stores and decided to buy it. So this morning I went with her in my new X5 — with the skanky iDrive system but otherwise wonderful — to move it back to her house. I must say, after […]

Why Cal Still Rocks

I am no apologist when it comes to homerism and the University of California at Berkeley. It is widely regarded as one of the best schools in the world, and on many of those lists it is declared the best university in the world beating out the rest, so says even the London Times. I […]

Iriomote Cats, English Teachers, Yellow Submarine, and Bush Declares Martial Law

Today we have another random group of eclectic posts. Way back in December 2006, I wrote about the Baiji Dolphin become extinct. Truly a sad thing, indeed. Well, it’s about to happen again to another species. Now, Japan’s Iriomote Cat is Headed for Annihilation according to the latest news. I am far more saddened about […]

Cal Rocks

Ah, yes, the University of California at Berkeley. Often maligned, terminally underfunded, but home of some of the most loyal alumni there are. The most amazing thing at Cal is our passionate feelings towards our wicked red-headed step-sister Stanford University and Junior High School. It was there long before I attended and will be there […]