Cal Rocks

Ah, yes, the University of California at Berkeley. Often maligned, terminally underfunded, but home of some of the most loyal alumni there are. The most amazing thing at Cal is our passionate feelings towards our wicked red-headed step-sister Stanford University and Junior High School. It was there long before I attended and will be there long after I am gone from this world. This powerful rivalry spawned “The Big Game” and of course “The Play” — still ranked as one of the most amazing sports moments ever by Sports Illustrated.

Well, there are a few articles you should read. The first, published in Stanford’s own student newspaper is the stunning admission that Cal really is better. We already know it, of course, but it’s nice to be validated.

This comes on the heels of an important announcement. The London Times is ancient bastion of news and one of the more respected newspapers anywhere. They have published an objective ranking of the top universities. And we’re not talking the best universities in the US, or the UK, or anything like that. These are the rankings of the finest universities on planet Earth. Rarified names such as Oxford, Yale, Cambridge, and such all appear below Cal. It’s satisfying to know that according to the London Times, Cal is the second best university in the entire world. As a former Cal student, and card-carrying member of the UC Berkeley Alumni association, I already knew that. And now, so does the rest of the world. The link is here:,,2-1343642,00.html

That is today’s fine news.

I will have other news down the road.


— Eric

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