Alexander The Great

The man may have been great or maybe he wasn’t. I am offering no opinion on that count. Instead, I offer my two cents on the movie.

The movie was visually beautiful. The sound was a bit distracting, but that may have been the theatre I was in. The movie suffered from “too” problems.

(1) It was TOO long by a solid hour and
(2) There were TOO many man-on-man moments. I don’t care if someone is gay or not, but I don’t really like when a film goes out of its way to show something like this because it shouldn’t be noticed without context (any gender combination). and
(3) The acting was TOO amateurish. It was spotty at best. The actors’ accents were mixed and that was distracting as well.

See Alexander, but expect to be underwhelmed.

In other movie news, National Treasure was entertaining. In fact, it was wildly entertaining if you suspend your belief in all that is common sense. The movie is absurdly silly and has continuity gaffes galore but, unlike Alexander, I had a good time. Ultimately, isn’t that why one goes to the movies?

— Eric

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