Too much turkey, bitch.

I ate too much turkey. That’s the traditional Thanksgiving lament, and I am no exception. I’m still sick, not that anyone cares, but since I have a blog, I get to tell the world. Like it matters. Hah.

I have some computer equipment and software for all platforms that I’m trying to sell cheap if anyone out there wants it. I have software for all platforms, hardware for all platforms, and a number of computers. Surf to for the full list. As I state, I am taking reasonable offers. I’d rather sell it cheaply to someone I know than deal with e-bay.

Other than that, it’s been an uneventful week. I’ve spent a ton of money upgrading software to work with my new G5. I’ve had to upgrade a number of expensive packages, pay additional shareware fees, buy new software and hardware. Quite a few hidden costs to migrate from an OS-9 based G4 to an OS-X based G5. Not sure that I’d recommend it to anyone. Props to my friend Tom who’s been more than helpful and patient in helping with this ghastly process.

Have a great day. Eat Turkey.

— E

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