Iriomote Cats, English Teachers, Yellow Submarine, and Bush Declares Martial Law

Today we have another random group of eclectic posts.

  1. Way back in December 2006, I wrote about the Baiji Dolphin become extinct. Truly a sad thing, indeed. Well, it’s about to happen again to another species. Now, Japan’s Iriomote Cat is Headed for Annihilation according to the latest news. I am far more saddened about this because I love kitties of all kinds. This has been reported in National Geographic. It’s a beautiful cat, too as you can see.

  2. I am trying to locate Karen Goff; she was my eighth or ninth grade English teacher from McMillian Junior High School in Miami, Florida. It’s an off chance, but she was one of the best teachers I ever had — and in a subject I am rather fond of. I want to thank her. If anyone knows where she is, that would be great. The school was of no help whatsoever nor was the local school boards.

  3. In other disturbing news: I am not a conspiracy theorist, and I often ridicule those who are. Let’s be honest, most of them are utter and complete crackpots. However, there’s a new one making the rounds that even my regular “upstanding citizen” type friends are subscribing to. And, I think I do too. As you know Dubya’s term is coming to an end — and he’s not happy, nor does he understand why he’s the least popular president ever. There are more and more rumblings being made about Iran from inside the administration, but nowhere else. What happens when he uses some random event — you know the odds are in favour of an event — to declare martial law and take over and remain in power? Will anyone be able to stop him? Will the military say no? It’s looking more and more real to me every day. Him and his cronies are looking for a way to stay — just like the Kremlin in its heyday. It scares me.

  4. Next Wednesday, I am still predicting a Yellow Submarine iPod pre-loaded with the Beatles oeuvre. It will look similar to the current iPhone without the actual phone functionality. Further, regardless of what comes next, I bet you get a Bluetooth iPod so people have no more wires. You’ll also get some form of the iPhone touchscreen. Apple has ordered way more screens than it needs for phones. There’s really no other conclusion to be had.

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