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Treacherous Pavement: London Day Eight

We woke up and headed to breakfast, nearly slipping to our deaths on the pavement (sidewalk to US readers) which had iced over in the middle of the night. All the puddles from the 3am showers had frozen solid. Many cars had frosted windscreens, bonnets, and boots, and a few coming in even had snow […]

Brrr: London, Day Seven

I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year. When you read this in the US it’ll be well past New Year’s here. Five-hour time difference after all. The promised cold weather has arrived, and the temperatures are in the upper 30s already and continuing to fall with snow expected in the small hours. It […]

London Day Six (Cold Rain)

Today we got up and exchange our room keys. We’re moving from paid nights to free nights for the balance of the trip. Everyone here’s in a tizzy over VAT changing back because of the computer ramifications. They’re going to make the entire hotel check out 1-1 and check back in at the new rate. […]

Let It Rain (London Day Five)

We met Jan and Anna at the Patisserie at about 830am for an English Breakfast. We enjoyed it and had a nice time. Thanks for picking up the tab, Jan! It was raining lightly as we headed to the tube station and down to the District line platforms for our ride to Westminster where we […]

O2 Venue Review (versus BankAtlantic Center)

Alright, this one’s for my Panther Message Board friends. In a previous post, I mentioned that The O2 venue was awesome. The O2 was formerly the Millennium Dome, which was a much-maligned tourist attraction, though I must say I rather enjoyed the Dome as did everyone I know who visited. The problem was the locals […]

England: The Rest

Went to the O2 Arena to see the special New Year’s Eve programme (excerpts shown on NBC with Carson here in the USA via tape delay) which was broadcast live on ITV1. The O2 is an amazing arena. It’s been — since it opened — voted the best arena in the WORLD by Pollstar and […]

England Last Day (First Half)

Before I shut down for the night, I thought I’d post today’s events. Not much to report — we had the usual wake-up, went to breakfast — where the proprietors, Indians (dots not feathers to be un-PC), greeted us warmly and recognized us and chatted up Karen — and then we popped on the Circle/District […]

England Day 6 complete

To answer several emails, day one was departure day and I wasn’t actually here. The first day here was day two even though it wasn’t a full day. Day eight will be boring too as it will involve waking up and going to the airport. It just made the trip seem longer 🙂 Now back […]

England Day 4 end and Day 5 Complete

Last night Karen’s feet were hurting because, against all advice, she wore NEW shoes on the trip and had multiple blisters. So, long about 545pm we raced via foot and tube to Lilywhite’s for her to buy new shoes. Naturally she started to buy the nice-looking ones and not the comfortable ones. What is WRONG […]

England Day 4 (to 5pm)

Today was a breakfast at Patisserie Valerie with the world’s most delectable croissants. We walked from our hotel at Gloucester Road there and then on to Knightsbridge tube. We went to the Tower of London to take the Yeoman Warder tour and see the crown jewels. Sunday morning is always the least crowded time to […]