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England Day 3 (from 4pm) The David Beckham Chronicles

The rest of today was simple, with Rules closed we left the hotel for Little Italy — the one on Frith Street and not the chain. Since my last visit, it’s been totally remodelled, is twice the size and twice the price. But the food is a winner as always, so it doesn’t matter. Not […]

Trip to England Day 1 and 2

Left my house Christmas Day night. Karen arrived at the same time the taxi did, and we were at the airport way too early (her request) so we could go the lounge. I warned her the MIA lounge is a shared lounge and not so great. She now agrees. We boarded on time and our […]

My Vacation Report (Such as it was)

As usual, I am typing up a trip report for those parties who may be interested in what I did for vacation this year. I use the term vacation lightly as this was anything but a vacation. As far as I’m concerned, I took no vacation in 2007. This year, I decided to ditch Christmas […]

In a pissy mood….

Yeah, I’m in a pissy mood today. I bet you thought it’s cause tomorrow’s my birthday. Wrong. I care not one whit about said birthday. I am over birthdays. I had my big blast on my 40th and the next one will be at my 50th if I decide it’s worth the energy. So what’s […]

My London Dream Shot to Hell

As you know London consistently ranks among the top 5 most expensive cities in the world. I’ve also expressed my long-standing desire to retire there on my 65th birthday. Although that desire has not changed, the reality has been sinking in. On my last trip, I did research and found some very small places way […]

Lunt The Cunt

What a horrid title for a blog entry, but you see, it’s really not my fault. I refer you to the original article if you want, but I shall summarize this here. It’s a riot. Anyway, the city of Lunt is having a problem with graffiti artists changing it to the city of Cunt. The […]