England Day 3 (from 4pm) The David Beckham Chronicles

The rest of today was simple, with Rules closed we left the hotel for Little Italy — the one on Frith Street and not the chain. Since my last visit, it’s been totally remodelled, is twice the size and twice the price. But the food is a winner as always, so it doesn’t matter. Not same Mafia family running it either.

My hat is definitely missing so perhaps I’ll buy a new one tomorrow as the temperature is expected to be under 32 tomorrow evening. This was the most awesome hat. It was an all-black Kangol hat that looked just like Kyle’s in South Park only this was soft and fake fur trimmed. I bought it in Selfridges quite some years ago.

After dinner we walked around and then picked up our tickets to Jersey Boys which were waiting at will call. We scooted across the street and grabbed a Cadbury bar at about 1/10000th the price of the theatre. We then went to our seats. Our seats were really, really excellent. How excellent were they? Two rows BEHIND us were Mr and Mrs David Beckham. Posh Spice is, well, posh even in person. At intermission their bodyguard escorted them out of the theatre and into some private room. And after the show, the band played on, giving the Bechams time to escape before the house lights went on. The bodyguard was standing next to us at the end of the row, but quite honestly if I hired a bodyguard, I’d rather him be watching ME and not the play.

The Play? Jersey Boys rocked as much this time as it did in Vegas. It’s just really good. I had seen it and reviewed it previously and my opinion’s not changed. This one is a true winner for the long haul. This is London and you don’t (like in most of the USA) get an automatic standing ovation. They’re still rare here and they got one and a loud one at that.

I took no pictures today. I suck.

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