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Treacherous Pavement: London Day Eight

We woke up and headed to breakfast, nearly slipping to our deaths on the pavement (sidewalk to US readers) which had iced over in the middle of the night. All the puddles from the 3am showers had frozen solid. Many cars had frosted windscreens, bonnets, and boots, and a few coming in even had snow […]

Boxing Day in London (Trip Day Two)

Boxing Day, a true English tradition brings the legendary sales with tens of thousands of people mobbing every store, most notably Harrods. So, of course, we avoided most of those places. We woke up to a dreary, wet, cold, day and went to our usual breakfast place only to find that their cook had done […]

Jersey Boys (Third Viewing)

I was Karen’s emergency backup date for Jersey Boys after her regular date had a last minute cancellation. We were going to the Hard Rock to eat at Renegade for dinner, but they were closed (a previous visit to Renegade for my birthday can be found in this post). They have new hours and are […]

It was 20 years ago today…. BeatleMania Now Review

Last night at the HardRock Paradise Live, Karen and I saw BeatleMania Now — formerly of Broadway fame. Anything Beatles has got to be good, right? RIGHT? We (Karen and I) showed up, and ate at Renegade after trying to decide if we wanted Tatu or not. The waitress saw us and booted our waiter […]

England Day 3 (from 4pm) The David Beckham Chronicles

The rest of today was simple, with Rules closed we left the hotel for Little Italy — the one on Frith Street and not the chain. Since my last visit, it’s been totally remodelled, is twice the size and twice the price. But the food is a winner as always, so it doesn’t matter. Not […]

Wicked, The Review, (Ft Lauderdale 3-15-08)

Right, then. A good night at the theatre (or a bad one) always starts with dinner before the show. This one would be no exception. We ate, al fresco, at a place called the River House. The food was excellent, the service was slow but not bad. Our waiter, however, had the personality of a […]

Blue Man Group’s How to be a Megastar Tour v2.0

Having seen Blue Man Group (BMG) both in their original Las Vegas show at the Luxor and now in their How To Be A Megastar 2.0 Tour (Sunrise, Florida, 2-23-07), I can honestly say that I am conflicted. Often, the first time you see a show is usually the best — there’s too many new […]

Cirque Du Soleil: Love (Beatles)

Saturday night I finally saw the latest in the Cirque Du Soleil oeuvre, Love. First, let me state that it was wonderful through and through and I highly recommend into to anyone as entertainment. However, this should not be the first Cirque you ever see. I’ll explain why below. The music was outstanding, but that’s […]

Billy Elliot Comes to America

In another post, I reviewed the play Billy Elliot (London) which has been widely regarded as the best British Musical Ever. Well, it’s finally coming to the United States. As much as I personally loved this play, I’m not sure it’s a good thing. I understood the play, I was able to understand the language […]

Market Boy (Play Review)

Market Boy, a play by David Elridge was at the National Theatre in London. It was advertised as a comedy about losing your innocence whilst selling shoes in the market set to a 1980s soundtrack. The soundtrack was the best part. Although I liked it, it started out okay and never got any better, and […]